Interview with the Artist: Michael DeForge

Interview by 2DCloud


Michael DeForge is doing some amazing and exciting things with comics right now both online, with his Ant Comics, and in print, with his Lose series put out by the lovely Koyama Press! In addition, DeForge co-edited Thickness #2 with Ryan Sands, which made at the #1 slot in Rob Clough’s Top 30 Minicomics of 2011!  

1): Could you tell us a little about yourself and your general interests as a cartoonist/artist/creative person?
Michael DeForge: I work in Toronto, and my “day job” is in animation (I put that in quotation marks because I still get to work from home.) I try to spend all my free hours working on comics on the side.

2): Was there something in particular that interested you enough to be involved in the comic anthology Little Heart?
MD: [MN] Love sounded like a good organization and are working towards a cause I believe in. I also liked the anthology’s theme, which I thought could be a nice change of pace from a lot of my other comics.

3): Why is marriage equality important to you?
MD: People should be able to marry whoever they want.

4): Are there any non-profit fueled anthologies of note that have sparked your interest in the past?
MD: For some reason, it’s hard for me to think of many off the top of my head. I remember recently enjoying a few of the pieces in the Finding the Words anthology, which was a benefit for Pen Canada (not a comics anthology.)

5): Could you tell us a bit about your comic, how you approached the project, the tools or medium used in its creation, or what it means to you?
MD: I wanted to do a short comic about travel and long-distance relationships. I penciled the comic and inked it digitally with my Wacom tablet.

6): Should Little Heart be successfully funded via Kickstarter, do you plan to be in attendance at TCAF for it’s debut?
MD: I will be there!

7): Finally, what are you working on now (comics or otherwise)? Anything readers can look forward to?
MD: I draw a bi-weekly strip called Ant Comic that can be read on my blog,
Thank you for your time Michael!!

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